Boarding - Run                                                        $18/night

Boarding  - each additional dog in the same run     $16/night

Boarding - Cage (includes 3 walks/day)                  $ 18/night        


Boarding - Cage                                                       $13/night

Boarding - each additional cat in the same cage     $11/night

Additional fees

Day board                 $12/pet (no overnights, drop off and pick up on the same day)

Daily medications     $1/day

Diabetic Pet              $4/day

Food                         $0.50/cup  (for those pets the kennel provides food for)

Walks                           $2/dog/walk   


Reasonable Rates:  affordable pricing for dog and cat boarding. Call me at 315-796-8862 to schedule a tour, make a reservation, or ask a question.
Comfortable Accommodations: Each dog has a 4ft x 7ft inside run with an attached 4ft x 12ft outdoor run for maximum freedom of movement. Your dog has the ability to choose how much time he or she spends outside. All dogs are locked inside overnight for their health and safety. Larger outside runs available for multiple dog families.
Cats: enjoy spacious cages in a sound-muffled room to allow for a low stress environment.

Maplewoods Kennel